Biogas Plant Commissioning

Finn Biogas provided project commissioning and biological start-up support to a client with a new AD plant attached to the red meat processing facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The project involved commissioning and checking of all equipment, seeding the AD process with the bacteria for the biogas digester, fine-tuning the process as biological start-up proceeded, continuous sampling and analysis of production gas, purging gas pipelines, and start-up of continuous feeding operations. Remote support over the first few months of operation was also provided.

Together with local and other international partners Finn Biogas successfully commissioned the plant to operate at full design load.

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Project Length: 2 Weeks on-site commissioning, and 6 months of remote support

Waste Stream: Red meat processing by-products (blood, solids, paunch, fatty waste)

Biogas Project Size: 1,000kW/hr