Feasibility Study + Concept Design for Pulp and Paper Mill Waste

A large pulp and paper mill wanted to investigate and understand the viability of using anaerobic digestion to produce energy on their Australian site. Being a large consumer of energy, water and other resources, the site’s owner was keen to understand how AD could help make their operations more sustainable and future-proof. Finn Biogas was tasked with undertaking a study with the aim of putting the sites waste to work.

The project covered an in-depth assessment of the existing site infrastructure, waste streams and operations to determine the most feasible AD solution. Site samples were collected and tested before the team developed multiple scenarios for further investigation. The most viable case consisted of a smart engineering solution, coupled with appropriate partnerships to maximise return on investment. The project resulted in a great solution for the client in understanding what their waste could do, and as a result of the teams dedication to making the waste work, also identification of significant potential future savings outside the scope of this project which would be enabled by the construction of an AD facility.

Location: Australia

Project Length: 4 Months

Waste Stream: Pulp and Paper Waste

Biogas Project Size: 1,600kW/hr