Turn-key Biogas Plant Delivery – Philippines

Finn Biogas was contracted to deliver a turnkey biogas plant to a client in the Philippines. The client operates large scale chicken farming and meat production, which resulted in approximately 60 tonnes per day of manure. Due to the nature of their operations, they required a waste-to-energy solution to offset energy used on site and reduce dependence on external power network.

The project consisted of end-to-end delivery and involved the following stages;

• Feasibility study + Concept Design
• Detailed Design + Equipment Specification
• Procurement of Key Equipment + Contractors
• Construction Management + Site Engineering
• Commissioning, Training and Handover

Finn Biogas delivered the project under an EPCM delivery model for the project resulting in risk shared appropriately between the parties. We successfully integrated the clients local capability and requirements with our own expertise in design and procurement to realise a project that was delivered on-time and on-budget, despite the numerous challenges associated with working in a remote location.

Location: Mindanao, Philippines

Project Length: 18 months from concept to commissioning

Waste Stream: Chicken manure, wastewater sludge, fruit and vegetable scraps

Biogas Project Size: 1,000kW/hr