Landfill Gas Site Augmentation

A landfill gas operator was looking to gain an advantage over alternative renewables by having more control over their export of energy to the grid. The solution was found in the installation of a low-pressure biogas storage dome on their site which could be used to modulate the flow of gas between the landfill and the generator infrastructure. This allowed them the flexibility to control when power was exported from their site, while still maintaining safe operation of the landfill.

Finn Biogas managed the design and installation of the equipment on-site while working with equipment vendors, local sub-contractors, and the client to minimise the project timeline. Having specialised knowledge and experience in the design and construction of double-membrane domes meant that the client could rely on our team to get the job done right.

Location: Australia

Project Length: 3 Months

Waste Stream: Landfill

Biogas Project Size: N/A